Easter Painting DIY

In April I had the pleasure of hosting an Easter DIY Mommy & me class. In this class, the mommies and kiddies painted their own Easter shirts. Everyone had sooo much fun painting. This DIY is such an easy and inexpensive craft that anyone can do at home with their little ones.


•cardstock paper


•fabric paint

•sponge brushes





•cup of water


Step 1: Choose a design that you would like to paint onto your shirt and print out the design.

Step 2: Cut our design using scissors to create a stencil for your project. (Parents,please cut out the design if necessary.)

Step 3: Place the stencil onto the shirt and secure using tape.

Step 4: Now your shirt is ready to be painted. Use the cup of water to clean brush when changing colors.

Step 5: Once you have painted your design, remove the tape and stencil before the shirt dries.

Step 6: Let shirt dry. (Please read fabric paint instructions for dry time.)

Step 7: After your shirt has completely dried, turn it inside out and iron the back of the design to seal.

And wala, you’re done!

*Note: If you have a cutting machine, you can cut out a silhouette of what design you would like to paint onto your shirt.

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Pop Culture

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my page, A Pop of Gum!

I wanted to start off by introducing myself so that you can get to know me a little better.

My name is Denise Lee, however, most of my customers at Bubblegum’s Creations, know me as Bubblegum or Mrs. Bubblegum. The way I came up with this name is simple enough – I Love Bubblegum. However, here’s the twist on how the name “stuck” (pun intended).

In an attempt to avoid giving out my real name to guys when I was out with my friends, I would always say my name was Bubblegum. So, when I decided to make my Etsy Shop, it made sense that I would stick with Bubblegum since 1. It’s what I love, and 2. My audience would be geared towards children. And there you have it.

Running an online store, I don’t always have the luxury of meeting people in person. Most communications are via email or text. I created A Pop of Gum, not only so that you can get to know me but also to be able to work on my second favorite craft—writing. In my blog, I hope you find yourself learning with me, laughing with me, and who knows, maybe even crying with me. To break the ice, I will answer a few questions that I found over at Torunn Lee Stuen’s blog beYOUtifulblog.

  • Where Do You Live? 

I was born in Trenton, New Jersey. However, I moved to Miami, Florida at the age of 5 and have been here ever since.

  • Why Start a Blog?

My first passion has always been writing. I would always journal my day-to-day activities and enjoyed being in classes where I could exercise my writing skills. As an adult, I’ve found myself reading other blogs and questioning my own writing abilities. I realized that sometimes, it’s not about being the best at something, but, instead, sharing your thoughts and ideas in hopes that it could help someone else.

  • What Is Your Education Background?

Well, this is a tricky one for me. When I graduated High School, my mother’s friend had a Mortgage Company that offered to pay my schooling to become a real estate agent. I took the class and passed the final with a 100%. However, I never took the state exam. I later went on to obtain my Full Specialist License which included Esthetician, Nail Artist, and Makeup Artist. I have taken some college writing courses, but, to be honest, school is just not for me.

  • Family Background.

My mother is Honduran and my father is Puerto Rican. Our families on both sides come from a very mixed culture. The predominant ethnic group in Honduras is the mestizo— people of mixed native and European (mostly Spanish) descent. As for Puerto Ricans, it is well known that they are one of the most diverse cultures, with influences from several parts of the world.

  • What advice do you have for women wanting to become their own boss?

My advice is to stay focused on the goal. This is not something that happens overnight. Being your own boss takes a lot of countless hours, little sleep, a lot of dedication and COFFEE LOL. You have to give it your all to see your dreams become a reality.

  • My Advice to Women:

Be Ambitious! There has to be something that you are passionate about, but haven’t yet discovered that it can be your money maker. I stumbled upon crafting. I am not your typical stay at home mom who decided to explore their crafting side for their kids. I actually don’t have kids. However, I love them and mostly cater to them and their loving families.

  • What camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T6i for my blog posts.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me just a little bit more. If you’d like to see more Q&A blog posts like this one, let me know and I’ll find some more to answer. You can Pop on over anytime, I am always available to chat.


& Remember – Live Fabulous!

Mrs. Bubblegum